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SwordfishCharts is a .NET 3.0 control library containing a WPF x-y chart control. This WPF/.NET 3.0 chart control is useful in that it includes Pan/Zoom, has a clipboard helper that copies the chart to the clipboard in a resolution that the user desires, adds data to the image in the clipbaord so that the user can paste a bitmap image or past tab separated chart line values into a spreadsheet. The cursor, when moved over the chart, shows the value of the nearest point, or the value at the centre of the cursor. Polygons and lines can be added by coordinate to the chart, and the chart has a transparent background allowing it to be overlaid over any pretty background required. To zoom into the chart hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse up or to the right, then to pan around just drag the chart with the left mouse button.

While this chart control is quite basic right now, as it progresses other features will be added in the future such as databinding to static and dynamic data sources with dynamic giving the chart an animated appearance, pipe shaded bars for bar charts, and other useful chart primitives. The source code to this control is released under the BSD license.

Last updated 22nd April 2007.